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Meet the photographer!

Melissa has spent her entire life obsessed with creating beautiful photos.   As a child she changed her playhouse into a photography studio.   Her passion turned into profession when she mastered the technical aspects of photography at The Art Institute of Dallas.  She loves chasing the sun at sunset before it fades away.   She believes in the magic of every moment only true love holds.  Most of her Spring and Fall is spent  documenting fairy tale weddings.  Her wedding experience lands her in the right place at the right time not missing a single handshake or hug as daddy gives away his angel, focusing in on the single teardrop he hopes nobody sees.  Hiring a seasoned wedding photographer ensures every moment is captured and every moment is caught candidly while important photos are naturally staged without your entire day feeling like a film production.  As for enjoying your day, she is right there with you listening carefully, holding bouquets, looking for buttons to bustle, searching for your cousin or calmly easing your wedding jitters.  Having three daughters and two sons of her own, she has seen it all!  In between wedding season, you will find her shooting bridals, engagements, senior, family portraits and perfecting her skills to be a great  image storyteller/creator.   Please message her if you would like to see samples of her wedding albums. ​


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